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The innovation firm that helps companies to digitize and innovate in their business models through Corporate Venturing tools.

The frameworks in which companies operate today are global and must anticipate the path, maintain their position in front of new players and have the best digital talent.

In the current context, only companies that know how to innovate, change and adapt to the new digital reality will be those that lead the market in the medium term.

This energy arises from the collision between professionals, startups and companies. Only then we can detect the best talent, achieve value for our clients and find new opportunities. Do you get on?


Corporate Venturing
Strategic Design
Scouting & Screening


Controlled innovation projects

By testing a new model in a short lapse of time you can make better decisions thanks to our proven methodologies.

Generate innovation

You learn the best lean and agile methodologies to innovate at a fast pace as a startup in a matter of days. Besides, the new project can open new frontiers operating autonomously.

We accompany you in the process

Making projects is in our DNA, our experts supervise that everything works correctly to achieve the best results.

Without obligation

We create a specific plan for you and if it does not fit your expectations we will not start. We will only work together if both parties feel involved in the process and in the expectations.

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